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DAY 30 - 30 Days to ReInventing Yourself - Living Your Life With Grace

Posted by Lady Summerset on January 30, 2011 at 7:54 PM

As I come to the close of our 30 days together on a journey to reinvent ourselves, we have encountered much.  Many good days, some not so good days, and some days that we've just made it through!  We come through saying "for the grace of God, go I."


Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. ~Anne Lamott

Grace:  elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action. 2. a pleasing or attractive quality or endowment. 3. favor or good will. 4. a manifestation of favor, esp. by a superior: It was only through the dean's grace that I wasn't expelled from school. 5. mercy; clemency; pardon: an act of grace.


I want to leave you with an excerpt of something I read on Grace:


Elegant Blessings

Living A Life Of Grace


"Grace exists inside of all of us and around us. It is our inner beauty that radiates outward, touching everyone we meet. It is that unseen hand that comes from the divine, raising us up when we most need it. To be able to live in a state of grace is not based on worthiness, nor is it earned through good deeds, ritual, or sacrifice. Rather it is an unearned favor, freely bestowed and available to all, that is inherent to our birthright. All we must do is open our eyes to its presence and we will find and experience grace everywhere.


Grace is in the rain bringing relief to drought-ridden farms, and the unexpected lead for the perfect job opportunity that comes from a stranger. Grace is what happens to someone when they miraculously escape injury; it is even the simple events that happen to us that we call "good luck," like when we don't get a parking ticket after our meter has expired. Grace resides in the love between two people, the gift or check that comes unexpectedly in the mail, the cozy comforts that make up a home, and in the acts of forgiveness we bestow upon others. It is grace that moves us to go out of our way to help a stranger. In music, a grace note is the pause between notes that is so important to the pacing of a song. Grace is the state we are in when we are doing nothing but just being who we are.


When we accept that we always exist in a state of grace, we are able to live our lives more graciously. Knowing we are graced gives us hope, makes us more generous, and allows us to trust that we are taken care of even when we are going through difficult times. Grace is our benevolence of heart, and our generosity of spirit. Grace is unconditional love and the beauty that is our humanity. When we know that we are blessed with grace, we can't help but want to live our lives in harmony."--Daily Ohm


Thank you all for taking this journey with me.  I leave these 30-days in pursuit of what He has calld me to do.  Looking to fulfil destiny I pledge to employ all means necessary to accomplish this feat.  I thank all of you who called, e-mailed, and sent your best wishes, I appreciated it more than you will ever know.  It's been like a little peace of heaven.  Thank you!


Let's pray:

Father I thank you for all who I have met on this 30-day journey.  My soul is filled to capacity, my desire has been renewed, and I rest in your presence.  I've come to know that there is none like You.  No one else can touch my life like you do!  I could search all eternity long and find, there is none like You!  Thank you Jesus!...Amen

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